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1st International Symposium on "Clinical and Experimental Metallodrugs in Medicine: Cancer Chemotherapy" to be held from December 13 - 15, 2015 at the Sullivan Center, University of Hawaii Cancer Center (NCI designated center), Honolulu, HI. This international symposium will be the first one of a series which will be held every second year afterwards. There are plans to host a second symposium in 2017 in Europe (Italy) and a third one in Asia (Hong Kong) in 2019. This 2 1/2-day conference will attract about 60-80 participants including national and international scientists in the medicinal inorganic chemistry field as well as investigators in basic, translational and clinical cancer research.


The main goal of this symposium is to advance anticancer metallodrug research and to use research findings for the development of new therapies by promoting collaborations among medicinal inorganic chemists and investigators in complementary fields. This event is intended as an open forum that will include anticancer metallodrug experts along with pharmacologists, translational medicine researchers, scientists from pharmaceutical companies working in oncology drug development, clinicians and scientists/program officers from the US National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute. Indeed, we believe that the marginal involvement of such different expertise in the area of Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry is limiting the real potential of metallodrugs as anticancer drugs in spite of recent successes. While most current developments in cancer therapy are based on immunotherapy approaches, the development of lower-cost chemotherapeutics with fewer side effects than conventional used treatments is also worth pursuing in the fight against cancer worldwide. In addition, part of this symposium will be focused on metal-based targeted therapy approaches.


The aims of this conference are to:

1) bring together junior and senior scientists in the field along with investigators in complementary research areas in an international venue that facilitates formal and informal interactions,

2) showcase advances in the past few years with unconventional metallodrugs that have undergone clinical trials or that are the subject of advanced preclinical studies;

3) support the exchange of innovative and unpublished ideas in the field of metallodrugs in cancer chemotherapy; and

4) foster collaboration and networking between participants.


The major themes of the meeting will focus on:

1) unconventional anticancer metallodrugs;

2) new targets and mechanisms of resistance for anticancer metallodrugs; and

3) activation and drug delivery strategies.


Ultimately, we expect to bring awareness to the cancer research community and pharmaceutical companies on the advances and potential of metal-based compounds as cancer chemotherapeutics.


The location of the symposium is the University of Hawaii Cancer Center (UHCC), the only National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated center in the Pacific. This location has been chosen as a convenient spot to attract scientists from America, Asia, and Oceania. The topic of Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry is really strong in Europe and despite the fact that the selected location is far away, several EU scientists (including the most relevant scientists in this field) have already confirmed their interest and participation. We also expect participation from scientists from South Africa and Latin America.